5. Fragments from the history of the village Obišovce

Fragments from the history of the village Obišovce

… one of the fables – and it is true – says, that the expeditions of the Hungarian king Matthias Corvinus routed to Obišovce very often, because he has loved this region and the hunts for the wild animals. Right these qualities give the village importance we are very proud of… … the carriers’ paths routed through the village over rivers Torysa, Svinka and Hornád. In the surroundings of the village Obišovce, not far from the medieval stony castle on the hill Zámčisko, there were the carriers robbed very often. This is also the reason for its name„Castle of Robbers“ (Zbojnícky hrad). The carrying-trade served as an earning opportunity in the winter months to the peasants also in the years closely before the collectivization… … in the 16th century the village belonged to the noblemen from Budimír and to Somosys. In the 17th century to the Segeys and Fúzys. In the 18th century to Sztarays, Görgeys, Karolys, Okolicsanys and Mednyánszkys and in the 19th century to Mariass and
Péchys. The last were the Starks of German origin, who operated there till the end of the World War IInd… … yet in 1787 the village Obišovce had 442 inhabitants, their number raised to 612 in 1828 and then it has been sinking steadily, so now there is no more than 400 people. In the 70th of the 20th century the village had 570 inhabitants, the reason of the decline was also the programme of the centre villages…