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Postal address: Village (Obec) Obišovce, Municipal Office (Obecný úrad) 133, 044 81, County (okres) Košice-okolie

Tel / fax: +421 55 6991 312

Mayor’s mobile phone: +421 905 793 742

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Village Obišovce

Municipal Office (Obecný úrad)Obišovce 133

044 81 p. Kysak, County (okres) Košice-okolie

IČO: 00324566

Prima banka, a.s. Košice, account number  SK17 5600 0000 0004 2258 6005

VUB a.s.pob. Košice-centrum, account number SK79 0200 0000 0000 0682 3542

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Ostrovského 2
040 01 Košice


Obišovce Village is a separate local authority and administrative unit of the Slovak Republic, which carries its own self-government (‘zákon SNR č. 369/1990 Zb.‘ about Municipal Act).

The Building Office for village Obišovce is established in the Joint Municipal Office Beniakovce, located at Kmeťova 20, 040 01 Košice.